Translated from Gaelic, Glayva simply means “Very Good”. Our Recipe hasn’t changed since 1947 and many have since agreed.
Like the warming beam of sunlight on a summer’s day or the welcoming heat of the firepit by the beach there is truly nothing else like the taste of Glayva. A blend of delicious Scotch Whisky, Tantalising Tangerine, and Exotic Spices with a sweetness of honey. Glayva is an explosion for the senses. 
Due to the inclusion of Honey. Glayva is not suitable for vegetarians.
Glayva does not technically contain any allergens, however as it contains honey we advise customers that it may contain pollen derived allergens from heather honey.
Glayva is not suitable for diabetics due to the high level of sugars.
We want you to experience the warming delights of Glayva at its very best. That’s why we suggest you consume our bottle within a year of purchase and within 6 months of opening.
We recommend you consume your bottle within 6 months of opening.
Glayva should be stored with the cap securely tightened and upright in a safe place.
Glayva is best served…however you like! We have a fantastic selection of glocktails here for you to discover. However, we would love to hear your favourite recipes for Glayva so please drop us a message with your favourite creations.